For 18 years, Alumiart Falcão started its operation producing ice buckets.

It has always sought a differentiated positioning, in which it could offer the market personalized ice buckets, produced with high quality and innovative design.

Alumiart Falcão has become a successful reference in the promotional sector. It has been able to multiply the transformation power of its business, and nowadays it is present in 95% of bars and restaurants in Brazil.

It presents a mix of varied and personalized products such as: breweries, coolers, towers of chopp, suqueiras, openers of bottles Be Open, trays and luminous.

Alumiart Falcão adopts sustainable production practices, constantly investing in materials and technological components, innovation, and design. In order to serve small and large companies, from breweries, domestic appliances, gifts, decoration, bars, restaurants, parties and events , which is easily perceived in their collections and parts.

Therefore, Alumiart Falcão is the only licensed and exclusive AMBEV, in addition to serving other breweries. This achievement is a milestone in the company's success story, among others we can tell you.



We are a company specialized in developing buckets for ice and promotional products.

Our quality and delivery time in credentials to provide to the largest breweries companies in Brazil, thus becoming a major manufacturer in the industry.

About pubs we understand!

Beer always cold!

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More happy hour with our chopp towers!

Let's open a freeze? Alumiart Falcão´s Be Open

Cervegelas: Temperature warms up, beer does not!

Caipirinha Kit: Practicality in the preparation.

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